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613 Flea

Logo Design

Branding icon


When tasked with choosing a small business logo to update, I knew I wanted to connect with a non-profit if possible, because I am interested in contributing to such organizations whenever I am able. 613 Flea is not only an organization that fits these requirements, but is also an event I have attended and enjoyed personally. Taking this project on was an exciting prospect.


613 Flea, Ottawa’s free monthly marketplace


Design a fresh logo for the popular event/organization, that will be familiar and representative of all attendees and vendors.

Favourite Detail:

The heart, from the original logo, is still present in the new one.

613 Flea logo sketches, continued drawings and eventual logo.


613 Flea's original logo.

The original logo is simple and recognizable, with only a heart graphic to accompany the name of the event. I felt it important to try to keep this element if possible, as it is a popular attraction and the logo is often recreated by participating artisans.


A sample of the fonts Poiret One and Filson Pro, as well as three Pantone swatches, 7524 C, 424 C, and Black 6 C.

Poiret One has a certain vintage charm that works well with the market. Filson Pro is ideal for body copy as it is complimentary to Poiret One (similar x-height features etc.) and has many different styles available. The deep red Pantone swatch is another signifier to the original red heart logo, while the grey swatch keeps the colours neutral and modern.

The logo graphic, the each of the components labelled.

The refreshed logo features a marketplace basket containing an array of identifiable yet vague items, including greenery, a piece of clothing, a framed item, a baked good, a bottled good, and a textile good. This flexibility at a glance creates a communal feeling for both participants and customers, as it provides context without becoming too specific.

Brand Guidelines

Two copies of the brand guidelines, one closed showing the cover, the other open to a page about displaying the logo and one showing the colour breakdowns.

A hand opening the guidelines to a page about backgrounds and a page about buffers.

To make sure the logo is always displayed properly and the client understands how to use it successfully, I created a brand guideline document for use with the logo.

Final Results!

A collection of 613 Flea branded stationery, including letterhead, envelope, and business cards with sleeve.
A pile of three folded shirts, which display the 613 flea logo.
A wicker looking totebag with the logo on it, with a grey handle, hangs on a wooden slat chair.
A laptop displays a mockup of the 613 Flea website homepage, on a wood surface with a white of pink flowers, a notepad, pair of glasses and smartphone.