Below is a selection from the ever-growing and ever-changing collection of work I've done for clients, for class, and for myself. They were fun to make and are hopefully fun to look at!

Technical sketches of basil, dill, rosemary and mint, framed. A sleepy bear, walk cycling for an eternity. Illustration of maki sushi with salmon and avocado. Illustration of salmon nigiri. Illustration of egg nigiri. Illustration of a table covered with a selection of sushi. Illustration of squid nigiri. Illustration of a small scoop of wasabi. Illustration of a cup of tea. Illustration of a bowl of green tea ice cream. Illustration of a bowl of miso soup. Illustration of two pieces of shrimp tempura. Illustration of three pieces of sashimi.
Illustration of a dog dressed in old clothes, holding a bone in its hand. Bottles depicting label that reads BARRYS BOOCH. Illustration of a goose in a suit, in an ornate frame. Illustration of a moose, in a dress and ruff, in an ornate frame. Isometric illustration of the life cycle of dinosaurs, from the big bang to being in a museum. Illustration portrait of Canadian/Egyptian children's entertainer, Raffi. Illustration of some candles, a teapot and cup, jam and croissant. Illustration of a chair in front of a warm fire, with some wool on the ground. Illustration of a collection of frames on a wall, showing various comforting scenes. Looping gif of a person sad without tea, briefly happy with it and sad without again. Illustration showing the amount of nutrients in one cup of milk. Digital painting of a pug on a purple pillow.